Registration is temporarily on hold

Registration is temporarily on hold while the DIFL Board of Directors are working hard on some organizational improvements that may result in a change to the registration process. We are confident that these changes will drastically improve the DIFL for all stakeholders. Please visit TheDIFL.com and monitor our Facebook page and Twitter for updates in the future. We anticipate that the 2016 season will begin on time, and we’re looking forward to a great year. Stay tuned!

DIFL transition to high school affilations

The DIFL Board of Directors has developed a plan to transition Dubuque teams to high school affiliations.

Making the change

  • All Levels be re-assigned to HS affiliated organizations and use new team names beginning this season, 2016.
  • Players currently in DIFL stay on current rosters, if they choose to.
  • Players stay with that particular organization during their remaining years in the league.
  • Give families the option to change to the organization linked to their home address, or the choice to join the EAGLES organization because they plan to one day attend Wahlert Catholic High School.
  • New players registering for the DIFL will join organizations according to their current home address and the High School it is zoned in.
  • They would also have the option of joining the EAGLES organization if they plan to one day attend Wahlert Catholic High School.
  • Families with players currently in an organization could remain “grandfathered in” for younger siblings (much like an open enrollment situation.)

The EAGLES Organization

  • Players currently with the Eagles will remain in the Eagles organization. (Unless they choose to join the organization linked to their home address.)
  • Players from other teams that attend Holy Family Schools or plan to one day attend Wahlert Catholic High School may join the Eagles organization.

The MUSTANGS Organization

  • The current Bears, Colts, and Steelers will become the Mustangs organization.
  • The Bears become MUSTANGS GREEN
  • The Steelers become MUSTANGS GOLD
  • The Colts become MUSTANGS WHITE

The RAMS Organization

  • The current Broncos, Patriots, and Rams would now become the Rams organization.
  • The Broncos become RAMS BLUE
  • The Rams become RAMS RED
  • The Patriots become RAMS GRAY

Organizational Leadership

  • Each of the new organizations will need an organizational head, coordinators, and head coaches.
  • DIFL Board of Directors will need to approve all leadership positions through an interview process.

Organizational Head

  • Each of the new organizations will need an organizational head.
  • Current Organizational Heads will be considered for these positions.
  • Attend monthly DIFL board meetings
  • Liason between DIFL Board and the organization
  • Main contact person for High School coaches


  • A coordinator will be needed at each of the Levels – D1, D2, D3
  • Current Organizational Heads will be considered for these positions.
  • Each organization will have 3 of these – D1, D2, D3
  • Main contact person for Head Coaches within the organization
  • Collect necessary paperwork from parents – physicals, report cards, etc
  • Keep track of inventory for organization
  • Set up practice schedules for teams
  • Set up picture schedules for teams

Head Coaches

  • A head coach will be required for each of the teams at each level.
  • Current Head Coaches will be considered for these positions.
  • Main contact person for parents on each team
  • Must be USA certified
  • In charge of all “day to day” aspects of the team
  • Responsible for planning safe and appropriate practices for team
  • Following USA Football practice guidelines and drills
  • Following Heads Up Blocking and Tackling procedures
  • Responsible for actions of coaching staff and players, and upholding the rules of the DIFL.

Funds in current team accounts

  • Each team will have options for what to do with their funds
  • Donate back to the entire DIFL general budget –OR-
  • Donate to their NEW organization

Player draft

  • All new players registering for the DIFL, and players choosing to transfer to the High School affiliated team according to their home address, will be placed in a draft.
  • Each organization will have a draft run by the DIFL board.
  • Players will be drafted by weight only.
  • DIFL board will assign players to teams to try to keep the number of “stripers” the same on each team.

Harlem Globetrotters, April 6, 7pm—EXCLUSIVE DIFL DISCOUNT!

The Harlem Globetrotters have arranged an exclusive discount especially for DIFL participants, parents, and coaches. You can save up to $7 per ticket! Mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 6, 2016, at 7:00 pm, at the Five Flags Center in Dubuque. Discounted tickets must be purchased in advance.

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DIFL Board of Directors thank parents and coaches for thoughtful input

The DIFL Board of Directors extend a thank you to all the parents who took time out of their busy lives on the evening of March 8 to listen to our vision of how we can improve the DIFL for the benefit of our children’s well-being. Our main focus is to increase safety and the quality of football education by utilizing professional resources in our community. We look forward to the many great benefits offered by our affiliated high schools’ coaching staffs, including coaching clinics, access to certifications, safety training, fields and equipment, and other important resources, all the while maintaining an independent youth football league. The Board greatly appreciates the input provided by so many parents and coaches. We will use that information to make the best decisions in the interest of all DIFL stakeholders. And at the end of the day, it’s all about investing in the kids and their football experience and overall wellness. Please remain engaged with us as the league moves forward. And as always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Questions and misinformation surround proposed high school affiliation plan

There are a lot of questions and misinformation surrounding the current proposal by DIFL’s Board of Directors that would affiliate DIFL teams in Dubuque with Dubuque high schools. This is a positive plan that would allow Dubuque teams to share resources, including coach mentoring, safety training, fields and equipment, and more, with Dubuque high schools. If you have concerns, please be sure to attend the meeting with parents and coaches to discuss the idea of high school affiliation that is scheduled on Tuesday, March 8, 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM, in the Hempstead cafeteria.

New DIFL Rules for 2016 Season

The DIFL Board of Directors adopted new rules at a meeting on Sunday, February 28, 2016. There is a link to the new DIFL Rules on the home page and in the site menu. The following list includes a summary of all the rules changes. But it is important to refer to the official DIFL Rules for the exact language.

  • Clarification of the rule that no “stripers” (players over weight limits) will be allowed to play on special teams, except for PAT (points after touchdown) plays.
  • During post-season practice for playoff games, the sundown time limitation for practice does not apply.
  • There is no longer a limit on the number of assistant coaches who can be on a teams sideline, but coaches must be on their team’s list of approved coaches, and all coaches are subject to a background check.
  • Field marking crew, a.k.a. chain crew, should be supplied by the home team. When supplied by the home team, the field marking crew, a.k.a. chain crew, must operate on the home team’s sideline.
  • Mouth guards are still required for all players, but they no longer have to be attached to the players’ facemasks.
  • No one is allowed to record video of another team. Violation of this rule is a level 4 offense and immediate expulsion from the league.
  • The player participation rule that requires a minimum of 10 plays from scrimmage for every player is now a guideline and will not be enforced by the DIFL with penalties. The DIFL does not have staff to monitor all teams and insure that this rule is followed uniformly.
  • Official game ball for Division I shall be Nike® brand “Youth” size. Official game ball for Division II shall be Nike® brand “Junior” size. Official game ball for Division III shall be Nike® brand “Pee Wee” size. DIFL Board of Directors are custodians of game balls and shall provide all game balls at game time.
  • The DIFL will begin keeping score for Division 3 games. However, the DIFL will still not maintain standings for Division 3, and there will not be playoffs for Division 3.
  • There are no longer any rules regarding what offensive backfield formations and defensive formations must be used for Division 3, except the defensive heads-up rule for Division 3.
  • Rules have been formalized for determining playoff-eligible teams and how to break ties in standings to determine playoff brackets.
  • Other miscellaneous items regarding the enforcement of rules.

Preparing DIFL for New 2016 Season

The DIFL Board of Directors has been meeting and working on exciting new improvements for the upcoming 2016 season. These changes will improve the experience for all participants in the DIFL, including players, parents, coaches, officials, and fans. Changes range from improved rules to improved league operations. The DIFL Board of Directors is confident that all DIFL stakeholders will notice the improvements through the upcoming 2016 season.

New website for DIFL

The DIFL Board of Directors is launching a new website for DIFL at TheDIFL.com. The reasons for the new website are as follows:

  • Better Communication – The previous website provided a lot of functionality that the DIFL didn’t use or want, and that unneeded functionality got in the way, making it difficult for coaches, parents, players, and fans, to find the information they needed.
  • Improved Management – Future members of the DIFL Board of Directors will not need web technology skills to keep the website up to date.
  • Improved Archives – The new website will make it much easier for the DIFL to archive information from previous seasons.
  • Better Technology – Utilizing proven open source technologies will help the DIFL maintain a website that is modern, easy to browse, and easy to maintain.
  • New Name – The website’s new host name (TheDIFL.com) will be much easier to communicate to others compared to the old host name (difl.teampages.com).
  • Cost Savings – By “turning off” the previous website, the DIFL will save almost $1,000 per year.

The new website might look a little plain at first. That is because the DIFL is focusing on migrating all of the vital information and functionality and building the optimal information architecture for the new website. Once that work is complete, a visually stunning and easy to use design will be added.

It is important to note that the new website will not include player information or communication tools for coaches. In the past, those features were problematic and rarely used. Coaches are free to use whatever online tools they prefer to communicate with parents and players on their team, including email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Google Sites, and more.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the DIFL website manager at ServerAdmin@TheDIFL.com.