New Registration and Sizing Event on June 4

DIFL has added a new registration and sizing event for football and cheer participants. If you register on this date, you will not incur a late fee. Late fees will be applied to all late registrants after June 9.

WHEN: June 4, 2017, 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM (noon)

WHERE: Green Acres Storage, 2126 Holliday Dr, Dubuque, IA 52002

For faster processing on registration day, complete an online registration in advance. You still need to attend the registration date on June 4.

Pre-register Online for Football
Pre-register Online for Cheer

Contact DIFL if you have any questions.

DIFL announces 3 more in-person registration dates for May!

If you missed our first in-person registration in April, don’t worry, 3 more dates are available in May to sign up your son or daughter for the 2017 season.  (The process will go a lot faster if you will register online before hand.)  Once you arrive, either visit with DIFL Board members with important questions about the upcoming season, or simply weigh your football player or fit your child with the correct size cheerleader uniform.  All participants receive a Youth Sports Foundation T-shirt!

Where:  Green Acres Storage (2126 Holiday Drive, Dubuque, IA)

Registrations dates:

May 9th (Tuesday)  –  5-7pm

May 20th (Saturday)  –  9am-Noon

May 23rd (Tuesday)  –  5-7pm


WINNER: 1st Place in 2016 DIFL Photo Contest goes to…

"First Career TOUCHDOWN" by Angie Brashaw

“First Career TOUCHDOWN” (above) by Angie Brashaw was judged the best photo submitted in the 2016 DIFL Photo Contest. Angie will be awarded the $50 prize for best photo.

Two other photos (below) earned honorable mention. They are “Jumping for the Rams” by Katie Steines and “Team Selfie” by Demacus Fleming.

"Jumping for the Rams" by Katie Steines     "Team Selfie" by Demacus Fleming

The contest ended Sunday night, November 20, at midnight. You can find all the entries posted on Facebook in a special photo album for this contest. Just click the button below.

“2016 Photo Contest” photo album on Facebook

When evaluating the photos, the DIFL Board of Directors took into consideration the following criteria:

  • Composition
  • Contrast
  • Sharpness
  • Color
  • Subject matter
  • Entertainment
  • How well does the photo promote the values of DIFL?
  • How well does the photo capture the excitement and experience of DIFL participants?

What if you didn’t win the contest? Don’t worry. You’ll get another chance next year! Hopefully the annual photo contest gets bigger and better every year.

DIFL will use the submitted photos to enhance the official website at TheDIFL.com and DIFL’s social media presence.

Board Members Needed!

It’s time to elect new volunteers to serve on the DIFL Board of Directors. There are multiple openings on the board this year. To apply, please complete the online Board of Directors Application Form. New members will be elected at the upcoming end-of-year board meeting. Watch the “News” on this website for the meeting place, date, and time.

Board of Directors Application Form

The Dubuque-area teams in YSF’s Eagle Bluff Conference would not be possible without the hard work of the DIFL Board of Directors. By volunteering, the Board of Directors set policy, monitor the behavior of participants, coaches, and other stakeholders, and, most importantly, plan and manage the day-to-day operations of Dubuque-area youth football and cheer. This is very important work that helps to deliver a very valuable resource to the Dubuque community. It is also hard work that requires a significant investment of time and energy. Board members meet at least once a month, and during the busier parts of the season meetings are often weekly. Between meetings, assigned duties can require 10 to 20 hours per week, and volunteers often dedicate even more time. All of this time and effort is very worthwhile, but nevertheless it is important to know in advance that this significant time and effort will be required of all members of the Board of Directors.

Questions? Comments? Contact us.

Photo Contest Ending Soon!

If you still have a photo you would like to contribute to the 2016 DIFL Photo Contest, your time is running out.  The deadline is Sunday night at midnight, November 20, 2016. Remember, your photo of a DIFL event could earn you $50! Just use our online form to submit your favorite photo of a DIFL event. Limit one submission per day. To be considered, photo must show a DIFL event at a Dubuque location, and you must be the owner of the photograph. Good photos will be featured on our Facebook page. And the person who submits the best photo as judged by the DIFL Board of Directors will be paid $50.

Upload Photo

Bowl Game Weekend Big Success

The Eagle Bluff Conference’s first Bowl Games were hosted in Dubuque by the DIFL on October 29-30, and the weekend of events were a huge success. The scores are posted below. See our Facebook photo album for photos of the teams taken after each bowl game.

  • Spahn and Rose Lumber Bowl (D2)
    Rams Red 24, W. Dubuque White 12
  • Shot Tower Pizza Bowl (D1)
    W. Dubuque White 35, Mustangs Gold 0
  • Dubuque Bank & Trust Bowl (D2)
    Mustangs Gold 53, Eagles 12
  • Betty Jane’s Caramel Bowl (D1)
    Cascade 33, Panthers 7
  • Big A Auto Bowl (D2)
    Rams Gray 7, W. Dubuque Red 6
  • Great Sounds Audio/Video Bowl (D1)
    Rams Blue 20, Badgers Red 8
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Bowl (D2)
    W. Dubuque Black 31, Bellevue 7
  • Steve’s Ace Hardware Bowl (D1)
    Galena 32, Badgers Black 6
  • Fried Green Tomatoes Bowl (D2)
    Panthers 12, Cascade 6
  • Dubuque Mattress Bowl (D2)
    Mustangs White 12, Rams Blue 7
  • US Bank Bowl (D1)
    Mustangs White 33, W. Dubuque Red 13
  • University of Dubuque Spartan Bowl (D1)
    Rams Red 42, Mustangs Green 0
  • Los Aztecas Bowl (D2)
    Mustangs Green 25, Badgers 18
  • Smith Home Gallery Bowl (D1)
    Bellevue 32, Rams Gray 0
  • Loras College Duhawk Bowl (D1)
    Eagles 26, W. Dubuque Black 6