Job Description: Head Coach

Job Brief

Dubuque Independent Football League (DIFL) employs volunteers who serve as “Head Coach” and report to the Organization Head for each organization of teams that is aligned with a specific high school football program in Dubuque. Each such organization is comprised of one or more Division 1 teams, one or more Division 2 teams, and one or more Division 3 teams. And each of those teams is led by a Head Coach. It is the job of the Head Coach to supervise all activities of a specific team at a specific level with the help of assistant coaches and other volunteers. The job of Head Coach is a very demanding job that requires many hours of dedication each week during the youth football season. Typically, each team has about two to three practices each week on weekdays after school in the early evening and one game on Sunday, and the Head Coach is expected to attend all of these. There are also additional hours throughout the year when planning, preparation, and other organizational work occurs. The Head Coach must be trusted to perform all required duties in a timely manner, as well as absorb the duties of assistant coaches when they are unavailable to perform their duties. This is a leadership position that reports to the Organization Head, subject to the rules and policies of DIFL in partnership with Youth Sports Foundation (YSF).


  • Organize a team consisting of players, assistant coaches, and other volunteers.
  • Make sure all players are able to enjoy a safe and friendly environment that encourages learning, fitness, and fun.
  • Plan practice plans and practice times.
  • Lead the practice, development, physical conditioning, and safety training, of all players and coaches.
  • Develop offensive and defensive strategy and play books for the team, with the help of assistant coaches who can be assigned as offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, etc.
  • Obtain required coaching certification and safety training.
  • Insure that all assistant coaches have proper certification, safety training, and background checks.
  • Communicate with players, parents, assistant coaches, and other volunteers, so that everyone is apprised of the team’s activities.
  • Attend all practices and games in punctual manner. Players and assistant coaches should never be waiting for the head coach to arrive at the beginning of a practice, game, or team meeting.
  • Resolve disputes involving players, assistant coaches, and parents, with the assistance of the Organization Head, DIFL, and YSF.
  • Serve as main point of contact for the team so that players, parents, and assistant coaches, have a clear leader who they can contact with questions and concerns.
  • Serve as a liaison between the team and the Organization Head.
  • Attend all team meetings, organization meetings, and other meeting requirements as they are identified.
  • Maintain records required to insure the efficient operation of team activities. Much record-keeping is performed by the Organization Head, DIFL and YSF, but some record-keeping will be the responsibility of the Head Coach.
  • Submit reports and other information requested by the Organization Head, DIFL and YSF.
  • Delegate responsibilities and manage subordinates, who include assistant coaches and other volunteers.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.


  • Previous experience as a football player or football coach.
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills.
  • Strong business communication skills, including written, verbal, and electronic. (e.g. access to email, familiarity with electronic documents and other collaboration, etc.)
  • All applicants must pass a criminal background check.
  • Professional supervisory experience is preferred but not required.