Month: April 2017

DIFL announces 3 more in-person registration dates for May!

If you missed our first in-person registration in April, don’t worry, 3 more dates are available in May to sign up your son or daughter for the 2017 season.  (The process will go a lot faster if you will register online before hand.)  Once you arrive, either visit with DIFL Board members with important questions about the upcoming season, or simply weigh your football player or fit your child with the correct size cheerleader uniform.  All participants receive a Youth Sports Foundation T-shirt!

Where:  Green Acres Storage (2126 Holiday Drive, Dubuque, IA)

Registrations dates:

May 9th (Tuesday)  –  5-7pm

May 20th (Saturday)  –  9am-Noon

May 23rd (Tuesday)  –  5-7pm